Our Story


Our story begins with a simple idea dreamt up by our founder Chris Moore. His idea is to build a cafe by the ocean that serves coffee at it’s highest quality, with the lowest impact on the Earth and the human body.
Chris is a passionate surfer, musician, photographer, and, of course, coffee drinker. No Requests Cafe is where all of these interests intertwine into one place and can be enjoyed by people who share the same passions. The cafe’s roots in surfing are part of what makes producing products that are better for the environment such a high priority. We only select beans that are ethically sourced and organically farmed. We also package these beans in kraft bags that derive from recycled wood pulp and are 100% recyclable once they are disposed of.
Ultimately the goal of No Requests Cafe is to carve out a brighter future in the coffee industry by making human well being and sustainability more than just buzz words, but the new standard. For now, we are just an online cafe, but soon we will be a physical location with the same mission of providing peace, health, and inspiration for all walks of life.

For any inquiries, please message us below or email us at norequests14@gmail.com